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    COMPLETE & SUBMIT THE BID FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE before 7:00 pm Eastern on June 16, 2023


     SIAI #:  2023-34S                                                1988 BEECH 400 N398BB

       Your bid is solicited for the following salvage, as is, where is, before deadline of 7:00 pm Eastern on June 16, 2023

           WARRANTY:  There is no warranty, express or implied for the information provided herein or the condition, useability,

                              workability, operability or marketability of the aircraft salvage.  All times are approximate and the logbooks

                              and aircraft should be inspected by each bidder BEFORE BIDDING.  Failure of the bidder to view the

                              salvage or wreckage, or confirm any information provided is NOT grounds for a claim or withdrawal of bid

                              after bid closing date.)   All Sales Are FINAL.  Read CONDITIONS at bottom of page.




                                  HOURS estimated from logbooks or other information - not guaranteed or warranted



           AIRCRAFT:     1988 BEECH 400 N398BB, s/n: RJ-39, Hobbs/7835.8 flight log


                                   See attached Maintenance Items



           ENGINES:      LH - Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5, TBO Hours: 1,499.2, Overhauled: 12/17/07, Hobbs/TSN: 7835.8


                                  RH - Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5, TBO Hours: 780, Overhauled:12/30/11, TSN: 7660.3                            


                                  See attached Maintenance Items                         




         #1 Nav/Com Bendix King VC-401B s/n: 3056

         #2 Nav/Com Bendix King VC-401B

         DME Cobham DM-441B s/n: 3422

         Transponder Garmin (2) GTX-335R s/n: 3EF001581& GTX-345R s/n: 3EH420021

         GPS FMS Honeywell (Garmin Ant) GA-35 s/n: 140886

         HSI Bendix King KSG-15 s/n: 5118

         Autopilot Bendix King Flight comp KCP-420, s/n: 1514

         Dukane Seacom DK-120, s/n: SD64385




     DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:   In flight hail damage on 04/06/23



           DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:     The damage includes but may not be limited to LH & RH wings, horizontal stabilizer, engine pylons,

                                                                   engine inlets have dents on leading edges; radome forward tip is crushed, LH & RH engines need to

                                                                   be borescoped to verify no ingestion damage







          LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT Monmouth County, NJ



          INQUIRIES Erin Egan, EMN Aviation Services Inc.,



          REMARKS   *Insurer reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 

                              *Salvage is as is/where is. 

                              *Inspection of the salvage is highly recommended.

                              *The posting information is the best to our knowledge. 

                              *Logbooks may not be complete.





           CLAIM NUMBER:    10643763           SIAI NUMBER:  2023-34S













       NAME OF BIDDER:  


       CITY                               STATE                ZIP CODE

       PHONE NUMBER:                                  FAX NUMBER: 


      Please complete each line so that we have complete contact information for you






   CONDITIONS: The aircraft listed are for sale "as is where is". There is no warranty either express or implied.

   All times and descriptions are believed to be  the best information available and are not warranted. Prospective

   buyers should inspect the aircraft and records before bidding.  Purchaser bears all risk regarding condition,

   useability, workability, and operability of all salvage


  The underwriters have full and complete authority for all decisions regarding salvage and they reserve the right

  to reject any or all bids.


  The bid deadline dates are firm without exception.


 Payment in full by Wire Transfer, cashier's check or certified funds is required within 7 business days

 of notification to the successful bidder.


 All Sales Are FINAL


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