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SIAI Claim #: 2013-91

     Your bid is solicited for the following aircraft, as is, where is, before deadline of 7:00 pm Eastern on July 1, 2011

    WARRANTY:  There is no warranty, express or implied for the information provided herein or the condition, useability, workability, operability or

       marketability       of the aircraft salvage.  All times are approximate and the logbooks and aircraft should be inspected by each bidder BEFORE BIDDING. 

       Failure of the bidder to view the salvage or wreckage, or confirm any information provided is NOT grounds for a claim or withdrawal of bid after bid

       closing date.)   Read CONDITIONS at bottom of page.


   AIRCRAFT: 2013 Beech G36 Bonanza N7513, s/n: E-3996, total airframe time - 55 hours.


          ENGINE(S):  Continental IQ-550-B, s/n:  1007832, with a total time since new 55 hours.  The engine was disassembled by the manufacturer and is now stored

                                with the airframe.


          PROPELLER:   Hartzell F 8475A-3R with 55 hours since new


          EQUIPMENT:  Standard Avionics by Beechcraft G36 Bonanza package

  • Garmin GFC 700 3–Axis Autopilot/Flight Control System
  • Digital 3–Axis Autopilot
  • Altitude Pre–Select/Alert
  • Altitude, Vertical Speed, Indicated Speed, Barometric
    VNAV, Pitch and Roll Hold Modes
  • Yaw Damper
  • Garmin 6–Place Intercom with Two Audio Inputs
  • Pilot and Crew Isolate Functions
  • Digital Air Traffic Control (ATC) Playback
  • System Aural Warnings
  • Attitude and Heading Reference System
  • Air Data Computer
  • Dual Communication 8.33 Spacing,16 Watt Radios
  • Dual Navigation
  • Dual GPS WAAS GPS with LPV Approach Capability
  • Mode “S” Transponder With Flight ID & TIS
  • Autopilot – 3 Axis / GFC700
  • Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS-B)
  • Data Acquisition Unit
  • XM Radio and WX Satellite Weather


             DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  After takeoff from the Pompano Beach Airpark, N7513’s under carriage hit a high voltage electrical line near the perimeter of the airport.

                                                                  The right wing then struck a tree and the aircraft crashed in an alley next to a residential neighborhood.


             DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:  The damage includes but may not be limited to the following:

                                                          - Nose gear and both main gear were torn from aircraft. 

                                                          - Left and right wings were both torn apart from impact with trees

                                                          - Extensive fuselage damage. 

                                                          - Three bladed propeller is badly bent. 


LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:  Air & Sea Storage, Fort Pierce, Florida. Contact Steve Smalley at 954 520 8798 for inspection of the wreckage.


INQUIRIES & REMARKS:  Logs are at SIAI -  386 677 7504 for general inquiries. 





















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