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   1975 CESSNA 150L N65987


     CESSNA 510








CONDITIONS: The aircraft listed are for sale "as is where is". There is no warranty either express or implied. All times and descriptions are believed to be  the best information available and are not warranted. Prospective buyers should inspect the aircraft and records before bidding.  Purchaser bears all risk regarding condition, useability, workability, and operability of all salvage

The underwriters have full and complete authority for all decisions regarding salvage and they reserve the right to reject any or all bids.

The bid deadline dates are firm without exception.

Payment in full by Wire Transfer, cashier's check or certified funds - as noted on each individual bid sheet - is required within 7 business days of notification to the successful bidder unless otherwise noted on Salvage Bid Form.

Please call with ANY questions about submitting a bid - 386 677 7504



2010 Cessna 510 N915CF, 1979 Beech 200 N200BM,  1997 Air Tractor AT502B N5092J, 1979 Cessna 501 N501KM, 1978 Cessna 402C N2712F, 1981 Cessna 172RG N6376V,  1978 Cessna 402B N900CR,  1963 Cessna 172D N2540U,  1997 Cessna 525 N177VV,  1988 Cessna S550 N659AS, 1967 PIPER PA-28R-180 N3725T, 1979 PIPER PA-31-350 N809AB, 1979 BEECH 95-B55 (T42A) N14AT, 1981 BELL 206B N401HP,  1978 CESSNA 182RG N639RR, 1980 CESSNA 421C N421PJ,  2018 ICON A5 N83BA,  2007 CESSNA COLOMBIA 400 N1003X,  1996 ROBINSON R-44 N855LS, 1970 AMERICAN AA-1 GRUMMAN N6149L, 1977 CESSNA 402B N98649,    2016 ROBINSON R44 N612GG, 1970 PIPER PA28-180 N3930R,  1980 BEECHCRAFT 58P N60SH, 2005 ROBINSON R44 II N89LA, 1967 PIPER PA-32-300 N4143W,    1977 PIPER PA-28-161 N2635Q,  1978 CESSNA 172N N739LS, 1966 BEECH C90 N695DA, 2019 CIRRUS SF-50 N217GB, 1979 GRUMMAN AG CAT N6944K, 1979 CESSNA 551 N48DK, 2007 PIPER PA46-500TP N3088X, 2012 ROBINSON R44 RAVEN II N322SH, 1979 MOONEY M20K N231NK,  1984 PIPER MOJAVE PA-31P-350 N9272Y, 1962 PIPER PA-24 N8089P,  1976 GRUMMAN AMERICAN G-164A N48594, 1982 BELL 206L-3 N170AM,  1946 AERONCA CHAMP 7AC N35FT,   2020 CIRRUS SR22 N729SA, 1967 BEECHCRAFT 95 TRAVEL AIR N5467U, 2006 ROBINSON R44 RAVEN II N512RT, 2014 ROBINSON R66 N266RK


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